I was gonna finish this tonight but its not gonna happen;; Sorry for the lack of activity, I’ve been rushing to finish the doujin. I’m slow I’m sorry orz

Final WIP because actually it’s done! I’m currently prepping 98.6°F for print :))) Once it’s off, I’ll be putting up preorder info!

98.6°F / ClearAo / Coming Soon!

rated: PG

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It’s DONE!! Thank you so much for everyone who enjoyed and read IAFS!

I’m really tired today but I’ll write some finishing notes in a separate post some time in the future!

Liked IAFS? It’s longer and has a prequel in the book, which you could win in the contest (below).

Remember the contest is still going on! Did I ever mention Varen’s backstory is revealed in addition to a longer makeout? You can find out by winning the book! (And other cool stuff like prints, charms, the t-shirt…etc) Winning package is valued at 110$USD! :)))

And the Giveaway!! It’s so simple all you have to do is like or reblog!

Goodbye Summer

everyfandomever: Youre art is awesome. Thats why you have a bunch of likes from me and a new follower. Also have a great day/night!!

(>///A///<) no YOU’RE awesome (thank youu for looking at my brog and enjoying my stuff //dumps hearts on you)

lunajms: Hi! I was wondering, do you have a DeviantArt or anything of the kind? Or is this tumblr the best place to view your art? :)

Hi~ No, sorry;;;; I closed my DA a while ago but I have a pixiv. But this tumblr is where I post everything first~

I spent this weekend drawing a lot of crying aoba looooollllllll have a clear wip~

98.6 || Coming Oct

"This is hello and goodbye, brother."

Wahhh the anime is overrrrr ;;; I’m so sad guys //lies on the ground backstreet boys music plays in the bg

DMMD Fan types feat. Noiz and Koujaku