Wahh this was fun!

I’m not taking anymore requests, thanks!

Please don’t send me anymore palette memes requests!

I’m not taking anymore and haven’t been for a while! Thank you!

Draw me like one of them french girls

"It looks like the stars are going to rain down"

Yaaa new update!

Absolute deadline to mail out iafs goodies should be next friday, but I’m still stuck in the editing process with the shirts, but it should be done soon!


suitlessease: Eee! It's amazing that you're a fan! <3 I love your drawing of Garry. It came out beautifully and feels exactly like him. It's always a huge treat when an artist like yourself draws something so lovely for such a little-known fandom. :D Even though I'm a new fan and follower of yours, that little discovery just made my day. <3

Aww thank you so much, I’m so glad ;AA;!! Small fandoms need more loving, so its a treasured moment when you meet someone who is in it yaaayyy <333 (Talking to you made me wanna draw him again so have another Garry.)

suitlessease: o////o I didn't know you drew anything for ib! <3 That's amazing! It's so hard to find people that know about that game!

Ohhh ya I made one quick doodle but I love ib a lot uwu! There isn’t a lot of ib love but there should be!

CleAoNoiz playing the kissing game 
though honestly maybe i just wanted to draw them all making out

sleepy gin in 16