98.6°F start!

(I’m gonna be really busy working on this for Oct deadline so probably might draw less than I usually do ;;)

"shine, shine, shining~"

It’s that scene on the cd where Aoba’s bugging Tae and she’s like shut up I’m a pro let me handle this. Ragdoll!AU so I could do this. It was really important lmao

The many scenes where Clear falls and Aoba’s like omg! And where Ren cheers Clear up but ends up getting fuwa fuwa’d because he’s just so freakin’ kawaii. Aoba’s like yea me too Clear me too.


Ok ok so this weekend (thank you holiday thank you thank you~) I’m gonna start on the CleAo doujin I’ve been talking about for months. I’d be like oh ye an doujin and then weeks of silence and then doujin! and then crickets.

But now I’m free from IAFS duties foreverrrrr- I’m gonna start! So I will drop a few details and mosy on back to work.

Title: 98.6ªF

Fandom: Dramatical Murder
Ship: Clear/Aoba
Rating: PG-13, lots of fluff, hurt/comfort
Release Date: Mid Oct (I’ll be taking it to Nijicon with me)

It’s so real. I’m not lying. I’m doing it for real.

Comic Update!

3 more updates until the end! It’s so so close!!

Remember the contest! and the giveaway are still going on and you could win some seriously cool stuff (tshirtbookebookprintscharmssketchrequestetcetc) so enter before 10/4/14! Yea!!

It’s that scene where Aoba takes Clear on a dato and he pushes him on the swingset from his childhood TTwTT

I apologize I’m literally the slowest sketcher ever.

It’s that scene on the ClearAo cd when it’s like shy Clear reveal~ He’s working for Mizuki now as his bartender! I wanted to design a bartender outfit for him :B But mainly I wanted to put barrettes in his hair

You are not alone anymore.

The takoyaki scene in the anime was so cute and then I thought…what if…Cloudy with a Chance sized takoyaki…